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Spectrum Lasik has moved!
• Now located at 360 Pelham Rd. in Greenville.
• Same contact information, hours and exceptional patient care and visual outcomes.
Spectrum Lasik has changed its name!

• We are now Clemson Eye.
• Clemson Eye has owned and operated Spectrum since 2010.
• One company at one location in Greenville.
Greatest Lasik Value in South Carolina
• 20 years' experience.
• Local practice and surgeons.
• Exceptional visual results.
• 0% financing available.

Doctors committed to delivering great vision!
Medical Director, Dr. Parisi (right) has performed more than 16,000 Lasik, refractive, and cataract procedures.

Dr. Brown is certified by the American College of Optometry and specializes in Lasik, ophthalmic assisting and visual health.
Allie Bailey
Alli Bailey

Guidance Counselor and Spectrum Lasik Patient

Simpsonville, SC
Making Great Vision Affordable
Many payment options including cash, check, credit card, flex spending/HSA, monthly payment plans and 0% financing. Nothing should stand between you and great vision.
Keeping everyone safe at the site with great vision!
Mike Thomas

Fire Chief and Spectrum Lasik Patient

Whitmire, SC
Kristen Weinacker
Kristen Weinacker,

Ironman Competitor and Clemson Eye Lasik Patient

Greenville, SC
Exceptional experience and value to provide you with great vision
Dr. Joseph Parisi explains the advanced and affordable Lasik procedure at Spectrum Lasik.
Seeing every angle with great vision!
“I was the kid that had to get glasses in the third grade...
After 22 years of dealing with my vision problems, I just got tired of the hassle. Spectrum was great to work with, and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”- Chris, an avid golfer